Four arrested, for raping 98 year old granny

Police in Berbice are making headway in solving the brutal rape and assault brutal rape and assault committed on a pensioner.
Regional commander Jairam Ramlakhan confirmed that four men have been arrested while another is being sough in connection with this matter.
Ramlakhan noted that while the men have not admitted to the crime, they are all from the same community and has been cooperating with the police.
On Tuesday the woman was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital after she was discovered in her home beaten and raped.
She was discovered by her caretaker in a traumatized state with injuries to her mouth and other parts of her body.
Her caretaker, Pamela Brush disclosed that she had made arrangement with the woman who lives alone to take her out to a function that a friend was hosting in the area that day.
She related that when she arrived at the elderly woman’s home, she was greeted with a glass containing alcohol on the stairs and immediately became suspicious.
Upon entering the house, Brush discovered the elderly woman who told her that she was assaulted by a group of male who also stuck their hands in her mouth and choked her.
“So I started to clean her up to take her to the doctor we discover that like them have sex with her so the police came and them ain’t really do anything them just look and told us to get back on to them if we get any knowledge of who did it”
Neighbours were also contacted and they disclosed that they hear nothing unusual during the night into the morning.