Former cop accused of manslaughter freed on no-case submission

Former Policeman Shawn Sandy was on Wednesday acquitted on a manslaughter charge after the trial judge upheld a no-case submission made by his lawyer and directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. Sandy was on trial for the March 24, 2016, unlawful killing of dredge owner Feroze Khan, 30.

The incident occurred at Buoy Hole, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni). The trial was conducted before Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court in Essequibo. Attorney-at-law George Thomas appeared for 40-year-old Sandy, while the case for the prosecution was presented by State Counsel Tiffini Lyken.

The Police in a statement on the killing had said that Sandy was showing a handgun to the Khan when a round reportedly discharged. According to the Police, Sandy was struck to his right-hand while Khan to his abdomen. Khan was pronounced dead on arrival at the Bartica Hospital.