Former Best Cop Derwin Eastman to stand trial for murder

Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore this afternoon committed Former Best Cop for ‘A’ Division Derwin Eastman to stand trial at the High Court for the murder of Godfrey Scipio who was shot and killed during a robbery. Meanwhile,  the charge against Eastman’s co-accused, Jameson Williams, a former Police Constable, was discharged. Williams is now a free man.

Eastman, a former Police Corporal, and Williams were jointly charged with the October 12, 2017, murder of Scipio called “Saga” that occurred at David Street, Kitty, Georgetown.

At the conclusion of the preliminary inquiry (PI), on Friday Magistrate Azore rule that sufficient evidence was lead against Eastman to put him on trial. As such, the former Best Cop will face a judge and jury at the next practicable sitting of the Demerara Criminal Assizes.


According to information, on October 12, 2017, at 18:00 hrs Scipio, 58, was shot to the chest after leaving a city hotel in the company of a woman. The police in a report stated that following the shooting, the gunman relieved him of his jewellery before escaping on foot in a northern direction.

The injured Scipio was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Following an investigation, ranks were able to arrest 29-year-old Aubrey Bobb after CCTV footage showed him in the area around the same time Scipio was shot and robbed of a gold chain.

Bobb, of Kitty, Georgetown, was the first person charged with Scipio’s murder. He subsequently implicated Eastman and Williams causing them to be charged for the offense. Bobb, an ex-con, allegedly told ranks that Eastman provided him with the gun to shoot Scipio.

Bobb was committed to stand trial for Scipio’s murder in 2019.