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Following COP’s visit, works commence on Hopetown ground

The Community of Hopetown, West Coast Berbice is already having access to community development which was taken to the village by Commissioner of Police Clifton in partnership with stakeholders.

Members of the community at the engagement with Commissioner Hicken

Following up on his visit from two weeks ago, the Top Cop on Saturday returned to the community where he met with residents to formalise the way in which the police will continue its work in the area.

The Community Center Ground’s facility building received internet connection to facilitate young people doing their studies, the enhancement of the ground which was promised during the last meeting commenced with the ground being graded.

A section of the ground that is being enhanced

The grading of the ground and several other works in the area are being assisted and facilitated by Jumbo Jet.

Residents will also be assisted with a machine to ensure the maintaining of the community center ground once its enhancement is complete.

During his visit on Saturday, Commissioner Hicken told the community that the force is looking to provide scholarships for two CSEC graduates to attend the University of Guyana where they can take up studies of their choice.

With respect to land conversion for cattle rearing, Ministers Nandlall and Mustapha are slated to visit the community and work with residence as residents requested their intervention

Several other sporting disciplines and activities to engage the community were also discussed and after some tweaking, those plans are expected to be rolled out