Focus on ‘Iswe’s’ sexuality rather than his alleged crime was unfortunate- SASOD

Focus on ‘Iswe's’ sexuality rather than his alleged crime was unfortunate- SASOD

The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) has condemned the alleged aiding and abetting of a fugitive following concerns that an alleged murderer was recently assisted by members of the LGBTQ community to flee from the police.


Founder and Managing Director of SASOD Joel Simpson told the BIG Smith News Watch in this week’s edition of FOCUS said: “There is absolutely no excuse or justification for aiding and abetting a fugitive.”


“Our position as an organization is that aiding, abetting a fugitive from the law is rightfully illegal and completely wrong and anybody who does that, regardless of if they’re straight, transgender, lesbian or whatever the case may be, they should be charged accordingly and brought before the courts and justice should be served in that regard,” he added.


Linden resident Shaquawn Alleyne also known as ‘Iswe Boss’ who is the main suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Shonette Dover has been hiding from law enforcement since her body was discovered in a shallow grave in his yard back in April.

It was rumored by many on social media and later reported as facts by a social media page that Alleyne was assisted out of Guyana by members of the LGBTQ community back in the month of May. Those claims have however not be substantiated by either facts of law enforcement.


Shortly after the body was found, voice recordings and copies of social media communication surfaced between Alleyne and alleged members of the LGBTQ Community.


Simpson in his interview with BIG Smith News Watch however condemned the way in which the matter was reported and noted that it, unfortunately, contributed to taking focus away from the reality that a gruesome crime was committed and rather, the focus was mainly placed on the alleged sexuality of the Alleyne who reportedly confessed that he is attracted to males and wanted a relationship with a male rather than a female.


“It was a huge distraction to get into what his sexuality may or may not be and it was cheap on part of some media houses to focus on that because we know that some readers will get caught up with what’s scandal,” the gay rights activist said.

He called on the media to take up its responsibility to do better.