Five-year-old who was hit with cricket ball died from infection in the abdomen.

Shelly Modeste, the five-year-old girl from Charity, who reportedly died after being hit with a cricket ball on last Wednesday, died as a result of infection in the abdomen.

This is according to the post mortem examination performed by state pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh.

According to police, the body was identified by the deceased’s grandmother, Colette Colleymore, and was handed over to the family following the post mortem.

Sources told this publication that the child had “cried out” for tummy pain last Wednesday afternoon, after reportedly being hit by a cricket ball during a family game.

A senior medical source explained to this publication, that infection in the abdomen could be caused by perforation of the intestine due to injury, among other factors such as cancer and ulcer.

The family told police that around 16:00 hours on the day in question, the child was playing cricket with when she was hit to her abdomen area by the ball, but nevertheless continued playing. The family also told police that about fifteen minutes after, the deceased went inside the house and eventually went to sleep.

At about 00:00 hours the deceased’s sister raised an alarm, after she observed that her sister felt unusually cold. Shelly was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead by a doctor.