Five on the run following fire at New Amsterdam Mental Hospital

The Police are looking for five patients of the New Amsterdam Mental Hospital following a fire which broke out in Chalet 4 Male Admission Ward about 19:15 hours on Saturday night.

The Guyana Police Force in a release said that patients had broken out from a southern door of the ward during the fire. Nine of those patients escaped.

“Three of them have been recaptured and a fourth voluntarily walked into the hospital as police continue the hunt for the remaining five,” the statement from the police, “They all have burns about their body and are currently receiving medical attention.”

A total of eleven who received burns about their bodies were rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital, they have been admitted and remain in a stable condition, the police said.

“Eight (8) of the remaining patients are now housed in the Acute Centre, while three (3) are housed in Chalet One.”

Smoke was seen coming from the ward following a fight between three patients in that ward the police said.

The fire was extinguished by fire fighters, who along with police were called to the hospital.

No fatalities recorded the police statement said.