Fisherman arrested for slitting cousin’s throat, family believes act wasn’t deliberate.

A West Bank Berbice family was thrown into a state of mourning following the death of 25 year- old Reaz Mohamed whose throat was slit by his cousin during an altercation at a birthday celebration on Sunday. It was alleged that the issue has its genesis in the deceased refusing to have the music turned off at the celebration.

Big Smith News Watch understands that the deceased was consuming alcohol with other relatives when his sister who was not at home at the time informed them to turn off the music as it was getting late. Upon hearing this, the deceased became annoyed and began breaking glasses and had to be subdued by a friend and his father.

Not satisfied, the deceased attempted to fight his father during which his cousin who was nearby tried to intervened and pulled out a knife he had on his possession then attacked Mohamed and slit his throat.

Sister of the deceased Reniza Grant disclosed that family members are of the view that the suspect did not commit the act deliberately as he and the deceased shared a close relationship and never got into any misunderstandings.

“We are not clear as to how the stabbing really happen but it was not a deliberate something, it was just like a scuffle, scramble and he just blank out and that happen but we not really sure exactly because it wasn’t deliberate. They are very loving cousins and never had any issues of that sort.”

According to Grant, her brother love to listen to music and dance while drinking but never thought it would reach to the extent it did after the music was turned off.

She disclosed that following the incident the police were called to the scene and took her brother to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  Mohamed has left to mourn his girlfriend, two kids, mother and father.

Meanwhile the suspect has since turned himself in this morning to the Fort Wellington Police Station.

Investigations are ongoing.