First responders reportedly steal from fatal crash victims

DEAD FRIENDS: Senior Superintendent Brian Eastman and Businessman Dillon DeRamos

First responders (not the medical staff) to the Liliendaal crash on Tuesday evening which claimed the lives of businessman Dillon DeRamos and Intelligence Head of the Guyana Police Force, Senior Superintendent Brian Eastman reportedly removed a quantity of cash and other items from the mangled Lexus SUV in which the two high school friends died on the spot during an accident on Tuesday evening.

BIG Smith Crime Watch has been informed that after the crash, vehicles which were traveling behind other both sides of the East Coast Carriage stopped as they observed the SUV spinning out of control and after it came to a halt, a number of persons exited vehicles and rushed to the crashed one.

It was at that point that items were removed from the vehicle by persons who were gathered at the crash site within seconds, one man who spoke to BIG Smith Crime Watch related as he noted that he was too afraid to get close as he feared the vehicle would have exploded.

While it is not clear if DeRamos is a licensed firearm holder and if he was carrying same on him at the time, Senior Superintendent Brain who was in possession of a force issued firearm at the time of the crash. It is unclear if that weapon was retrieved and handed over to the police following the accident.

The two dead men have been identified as friends from teenage days as they both attended President’s College and were said to be very close.

DeRamos is the proprietor of the Kosmos Grill & Lounge at MovieTowne located at Turkeyen while Eastman who was earlier this year promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent, has been heading the Guyana Police Force Special Branch for some time.

In an early morning statement Wednesday, the Guyana Police Force said the vehicle in which the two were traveling was speeding when the driver, DeRamos lost control and slammed into a fence causing both him and Eastman to receive injuries to their heads and other parts of the body. The force also described Eastman an officer who was very brilliant and contributed a lot to the development of the Guyana Police Force. Brian Eastman at the time of his death was mourning the loss of his grandmother who died early Tuesday morning.

Senior Superintendent Brian Eastman is of the well-educated and budding senior police officers who commanded the respect and support of his colleagues and junior ranks with whom he came into contact.

He completed a number of professional development courses both at the University of Guyana and through partnerships the force has with various agencies and organisations further afield.

Over the last few years, several senior police officers were killed as a result of road accidents. On Sunday the Guyana Police Force and National Road Safety Council commenced activities to mark Road Safety Month.

Big Smith Crime Watch extends condolences to all those associated with the deceased men during their time alive.