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First Lady facilitates free eye-screening for Deaf Association members

First Lady Mrs. Arya Ali watches on as a member of the Deaf Association undergoes an eye examination

Recognizing that persons who are hearing impaired are overly reliant on their eyes and visual expressions, the Office of the First Lady Mrs. Arya Ali has chosen to “give a gift of sight” to those persons this Christmas.

The Office of the First Lady in collaboration with Optique Vision Care offered free eye-screening to several affected persons at MovieTowne on Monday.

In addition, persons in need of further tests will be able to do so at a later date, free of costs following which their spectacles, if needed, will be sponsored by Optique.

Optique has undertaken to offer free eye testing and 100 spectacles per year to the Office of the First Lady.

First Lady Arya Ali in her brief remarks explained that in the season of giving the spirits of each individual should be lifted.

Some of the persons who are set to be screened today

She added that while her office and Optique Vision Care have teamed up to make spectacles available to persons who cannot afford it, the Deaf Association members were carefully selected for this exercise.

The First Lady explained that with the members of the Deaf Community already without their speech and hearing, it is important for their sight to be preserved as far as applicable since it is one of the main active senses at the moment.

So far for the day, thirty persons were tested and on that number, only four were found to be in no need for glasses.

There are close to one hundred persons who are expected to be tested before the day is out and they are from several regions across Guyana.