Fire set to outpost with ranks inside, Commander dodges press

The police in Region 1 are said to be on the hunt for a suspect who reportedly attempted to burn down a police outpost while ranks were inside.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the incident took place at Arakata, Region 1.

Contacted moments ago for a comment on the issue, Regional Commander Khalid Mandal would only say that he is unable to reach to his ranks who are heading into the location.

Pressed on if the other ranks who were on duty are safe and if contact has been made with them thus far, the Commander quipped that the police would issue a statement then proceeded disconnected the call.


Commander Khalid Mandal

It is unclear at this point if the suspect who is being sought was at anytime being held at the police outpost and or if he escaped from custody and attempted to burn down the police outpost in the process.


The Police issued the following statement minutes after our story.

Police are investigating an alleged attempt to commit Arson on the Arakaka Police Outpost, ย at Arakaka, North West District, by person or persons unknown, which occurred on Friday 11th December 2020 about 02:30hrs.

According to information received from the Subordinate Officer on duty on the date and time aforementioned, he and other ranks were performing duties in the enquiries office when they heard a loud explosion and instantaneously sawย  a hugeย  blaze to the front door of the building following which they immediately rushed and extinguished same with water.

Further checks disclosed thatย  the front door of the building was scorched and a partly burnt 5 gallonย  bottle was at the front door. They made further checks around the building but no one was seen around the area.

No one was injured during the incident.

Investigations by the Guyana Police force and the Guyana Fire Service have commenced.