‘Fine Crime’ shot by cop during attempt to harm uniform ranks

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A police corporal in Essequibo has cause to use force against a civilian who spent several minutes trying to harm a number of uniform ranks who were attempting to conduct a search of his person while at an event in Charity.

Just after midnight, Sunday, police ranks who were performing duties at the Car and Bike Show at the Community Center Ground in Charity received information that Royston Evans called ‘Fine Crime’ was selling narcotics to patrons who were at the show.

Evan was shot in the leg by a policeman after he, Evans attempted to attack the police with a cutlass as they sought to have him searched for suspected narcotics which he was selling at the event on Sunday night.

The police approached the man and indicated that they wanted to carry out a search on him, he protested the move and then picked up a bottle which he broke and then reportedly attempted to injure the police rank who had initially approached him.

After the policeman took evasive measures from coming into contact with the broken bottle which the suspect had in his hands, he, Evans used the opportunity to flee from the police but ended up running into the direction of a pavilion where he hit his head in the process.

At that point he again picked up several bottles, reportedly, and tossed them in the direction of the police even as persons gathered at the even persuaded him not to do so while the police themselves were cautioning him.

The man then fled from the venue and returned with a cutlass where he directed his attention to the police who were again forced to take evasive measures. The then focused his attention to an armed rank who after some hesitation had to use force by shooting him to the leg before he was subdue and arrested.

He was taken to the hospital where doctors were not immediately able to work on him because of the level of alcohol and drugs which were still very present in his system. He is however said to be in a stable condition.

It is unclear if the police were able to find any suspected narcotics on his person after he was subdue.

An investigation has since been launched.