Fifty-six soldiers graduated successfully

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) welcomed 56 new recruits at a graduation ceremony held at the Colonel John Clarke Military School, Tacamam on Sunday. The new recruits would have successfully completed the Basic recruitment course 2021-01.

During the duration of the 13 weeks of training, the 56 new recruits would have had to undergo vigorous physical training, drills, skills at arms and navigation; all with the aim of having them physically fit and prepare for any challenges that may come as part of the job. Another primary objective of the course would have aimed at indoctrinating the new recruits into the military lifestyle to make them loyal and disciplined soldiers with a high standard of military and marksmanship capability.

Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony, the Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Godfrey Bess welcomed the new soldiers. He said: “Your training staff have fulfilled their responsibility of moulding you into soldiers. You also now have the responsibility to the Force and the country, to wear this uniform with pride, never abuse the power given to you as a soldier and always put your country first and defend it with your life if necessary.”

The military training for these recruits began on November 15, 2021, and concluded yesterday with a graduation parade. Private Reon Jones, 20 years old of Bartica, Region 7 (Cuyuni/ Mazaruni) emerged as the Best Graduating student of the course. Private Jones also won the award for Best Military Knowledge while the prize for Runner-up student went to Private Orwane Harris who also won the prize for Best Drill. Private Keron Grenville was awarded the prize for the Best shot and Private Michael Maynard was awarded the Best Fitness prize.