Fifteen-year-old beach goer who drowned, had dreams of becoming the president.

The community of Maria’s Lodge plummeted into great grief and disbelief on Thursday last, when reports surfaced that fifteen-year-old Adyemi Stephen, had drowned. The teen was at the time at the Onderneeming beach with a few friends, when he perished underwater.

For most persons, Stephen will be remembered as the ambitious teen, who dreamt of one day becoming President. Stephen’s desire, was also backed up by hard work, as he also performed exceptionally well in school, his family and friends said.

Mother of the now deceased teen, Deborah Azeez, told the Big Smith News Watch, that words cannot explain the hurt she feels. Deborah said that the last time she heard her son’s voice, was him saying, ‘mom I’m leaving now.’

When asked to describe her son’s personality, she said, “He was a really loving son, he was all a mother could ask for because he was a kind hearted he person. Most of all though he was a really brilliant child in school, he always telling me he wanted to become the President of Guyana. I never doubt it because his performance matched his ambitions.”

Deborah also explained that as a mother, she tried to maintain an approachable relationship between she and her son. “He wasn’t a bad child he would go visit his friends from time to time but by 5:30 he always home. As a teen we never had problems with him drinking or smoking because his circle was always small.”

The teen’s sister, Bibi Faneeza Amin, shared similar sentiments as her mother, explaining that her brother was highly disciplined. She did mention, however, that he always had a great sense of humour, which at times aided in him defusing serious situations.

She added, “he never use to get he self in trouble, even if is a small thing happen, he don’t take it serious, he always laugh it off and that was it.” She also commented on her brother’s academic performance, saying, “he was a very bright child, he came to me when he had to full up the form for the streaming, and he told me was going to write twenty subjects, because he wanted to go to UG, and he wanted a scholarship.”

Pretty much like her mother, Faneeza hadn’t the slightest doubt that her brother wouldn’t’ make it. “We hadn’t any doubt about him not making it. When going to school, from small as nursery school, you never had to worry about him and studies, he always had a willing attitude towards his studies.”

His brother, Reyaz Amad said that the thing he’ll miss the most, is his brother’s positive energy. Dough he could hardly bring himself together to offer a comment, he said, “Me brother was a cool man, and we had a close bond, he was always this funny person, always humble and lively; I never had a boring a boring moment with he.”

The body of the fifteen-year-old was retrieved yesterday morning from the Onderneeming “beach area”, and is presently awaiting a post-mortem examination.