Ferguson blasts Gov’t MP over sex toy in National Assembly

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Annette Ferguson on Friday blasted Government MP Dr Vishwa Mahadeo for displaying a sex toy in the National Assembly during the ongoing National Budget debates.

Mahadeo during his contribution to the 2021 Budget debates on Monday (February 22, 2021), waving the instrument in the House, stated that the Health Ministry under the APNU-AFC led coalition government ordered the item instead of a medicinal chest vibrator requested by the Rehabilitation Department.

Ferguson noted that the MP could have made his point without descending into vulgarity.

“Was it necessary for an MP to bring a female personal pleasure device to the floor of this esteemed house. Mr. Speaker, that is a piece of contraband, it is illegal to [import]. Will this MP not have been able to explain his point using words? Why was this vulgarity necessary? this has left a bitter taste in my mouth,” the former Minister stated.

She added that “We do have our differences, but we do not need to descend to this. We need to get on with the business of our nation.”

Moving onto the budget, Ferguson stated that a number of essential allocations are missing in the Budget inclusive of provisions to effectively tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also pointed to the lack of consultations with the political opposition, a concern raised by several other Parliamentarians on her side of the Assembly.

The 2021 National Budget debates conclude on Monday, March 1, 2021.