Exploring all possible leads in the Henry/Singh murders – COP acting

The police continue to pursue all possible leads that can help investigators solve the more than two-month-old murders of the Henry cousins and Haresh Singh says Commissioner of Police acting Nigel Hoppie. In a brief interview with this publication, Hoppie was asked whether the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team can assist the Force at this time, โ€œI will speak specifically to our mandate, our mandate is to ensure that we continue to investigate and explore all possible leads in regards to these two crimes,โ€ the Commissioner acting said.

The Guyana Human Rights Association has been raising funds to be able to facilitate the teamโ€™s visit to aid in investigations. So far, the body raised some $1.2 in pledges. The GHRA has said that it believes the team would be able to assist investigators solve the murders.

Following the murders, President Irfaan Ali engaged the Caricomโ€™s Regional Security System. Members of the RSS visited Guyana and commended the ongoing work of the police. Through that network, a round of forensic work was completed, but that yielded nothing.

Commissioner Hoppie confirmed that investigations are active, โ€œevery possible lead would be explored in this regard,โ€ he said, โ€œwe are exploring the leads to ensure the perpetrators are caught,โ€ the commissioner assured. The force has been tight lipped on its work on these murders. Another round of arrests was made recently in relation to the murders.

The full interview with Commissioner Hoppie can be viewed on Sunday on the Big Smith News Watch Facebook page.