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Expectant mothers pack up leave hospital after maternal death

The woman who died along with her baby

Expectant mothers have left the New Amsterdam Hospital following the death of a mother and her baby last week.

On Thursday, Region Six Chairman confirmed this as he said that patients who were in the maternity ward and were expected to be delivered, left the hospital.

This was out of fear following the deaths of Vanessa Sahadeo and her baby.

“What has happened after that death, is that the maternity ward virtually became empty because people lost confidence in the maternity section and as a result of that all those who were preparing to get baby, they went away,” Armogan said, “I don’t know where they went but a lot of them pick their bags and walk and you can’t blame them because they are scared”

31-year-old Sahadeo died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after she was rushed there following complications during delivery at the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital where she lost her fourth child.

A post mortem said that the mother died from hypovolemic shock, which is severe fluid loss.

It also listed abdominal and pelvic hemorrhage, acute lung distress, brain edema, which is a build-up of fluid around the brain along with cerebellum herniation.

Armogan who was addressing the Region Six Council described the situation at the Hospital as serious as he said if there is evidence suggesting malpractices at the Hospital, persons implicated should be dealt with.

A doctor and two nurses have since been sent home.