Executed businessman was shot 9 time with AK-47

Euclid Da Silva, age 50yrs, a businessman of Lot 23 Hadfield Street Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown who was executed Tuesday night on Regent while sitting in a vehicle was reportedly shot nine times with a rifle.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that Da Sliva and his so far unknown friend were attacked with the use of an Ak-47 assault rifle and a .223 rifle. This was determined by spent shells which were recovered from the crime scene.

The Guyana Police Force in a statement Wednesday morning stated that the incident took place just about 22:20hrs Tuesday night.

This publication was told that Da Sliva was moments before seen on the Kitty Seawall in search of food before making his way to Regent Street. He was reportedly by himself when he was spotted on the Seawalls.

The police in it’s statement said two unidentifiable males with ‘long guns’ carried out the attack on the businessman and his friend.

“The black Tacoma motor vehicle # GTT 3257, came from the west of Regent Street and parked on the northern side. About twenty minutes later a white motorcar model and number unknown but bearing an HB number plate, came from the western direction on Regent Street and parked about 15ft behind the black Tacoma.” The police statement to the press noted.

“The two suspects exited the car, both armed with long guns, and discharged several rounds at the Tacoma before rejoining their transportation and making good their escape east on Regent Street.” According to the police in it’s statement.

DaSilva was said to be found in a sitting position in the driver’s seat while his friend say in the passenger’s front seat. They were both badly wounded and bleeding from injuries to the face, stomach and hands. Da Sliva died on the spot while his friend was rushed to the hospital for medical attention where is condition remains critical.

Last night, the crime scene saw a presence of crime scene analysts, members of the army and the SWAT unit.

Also present last evening, Regional Commander 4A, Assistant Commissioner Simon McBean spoke with the press.

He said that immediately after receiving word of the shooting, Regional Divisions 3, 4B and 4C were alerted and a specific posture was put in place to monitor and or restrict movements of any suspects in the matter.

The Guyana Police Force had come in for harsh criticism earlier this year after the killing of ‘Paper Shorts’ when it was discovered that the perpetrators were able to drive through the city all the way to the Soesdyke Linden Highway unhindered where they torched the car that was used in the commissioning of the execution.