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Ex-Soldier outsmarts serving Soldier during Kitty’s gold/money heist

GDF Seargent Keyon King who was outsmarted by an ex-soldier who he hired to robb a gold establishment

The situation last week Thursday that saw a businessman being robbed of millions of dollars in cash and gold was not a robbery that actually went down as smooth as it appeared on the surface. There was mistrust and greed during the course of the robbery based on what this publication gathered.

BIG Smith News Watch learnt that there were two factions that made up the team of robbers and the leader of one of the factions, outsmarted the other faction along with men from his own team.

One faction was headed by the now charged Guyana Defence Force Sargent who along with others were remanded to jail on Monday.

The other faction was headed by a former Guyana Defence Force rank and two other persons were actually contracted by the serving GDF rank and two security guard to execute the robbery.

As it was explained, the security guards and the serving member of the GDF put the logistics in place to have the crime committed and the former soldier and his crew were the ones tasked with it’s execution.

At no part of the plan and logistics was gold suppose to be removed from the location that the men robbed. The plan was just to remove the money.

However when the ex-solder and his crew entered the room, they did take the money they went for but the head of that crew (the former GDF rank) decided to robb the establishment of its gold. The removal of the gold was done without the knowledge of members of his crew and without the consent of the logistic planners of the robbery. (The serving GDF member and the security guards).

We were told that in-spite of stealing million of dollars which could have easily gotten the robbers almost anything they wish to have, one of them picked up an iPhone during the process of the robbery and that phone also assisted the police in locating the suspects.

When the robbery was completed, the men were to meet and distribute the loot which they did. However the rest of the crew in the robbery from both factions, only learnt that gold was also taken from the business place after the saw media reports about the robbery.

The then questioned the ex-soldier about the removal of gold and where it was but he provided them with no answer to their ‘gold questions’.

He subsequently vanished after taking his cut of the money. The police has only been able to recover cash from the robbery but no gold.

He said nothing to the other two men on his team neither did he say anything to the members of the other team about the gold he picked up during the robbery.

Last week the bandits robbed Wallison Enterprise in Kitty after pretending to be customers of the establishment.

The police within 24 hours of the robber managed to receive intelligence and effected arrests as part of the investigations into the crime.

By Sunday morning, the police were able to move to two separate locations across in Regions 4 and 3 which resulted in the discovery of millions of dollars buried in buckets in the earth. That lead to the arrest of King.