Ex- Policeman accused of raping underage girl to face retrial

An ex-Policeman will have to face another trial after a jury on Monday failed to reach a verdict on a charge of rape levelled against him. Enfield Prince is accused of engaging in sexual penetration with a 15-year-old girl on January 23, 2015. Following his arraignment before Justice Jo Ann Barlow, Prince pleaded not guilty to the charge. Thereafter, his trial commenced.

The facts of the matter disclosed that Prince was a Policeman when he allegedly committed the offence. On the day in question, the girl was sent home from school. She along with one of her female friends who was also sent home from school went to Jerries Restaurant and Bar where her friend borrowed her phone and made a call to a taxi driver.

The taxi driver was the virtual complainant’s friend’s intended boyfriend. They all boarded the car. The virtual complainant was under the impression that she was going by her friend’s house in Sophia, Greater, Georgetown. Instead, the taxi driver took the girls to Prince’s home in Sophia.

It was there that Prince raped the young girl in a bedroom. A few minutes after the Police and welfare officers showed up at his house. Prince verbally abused them and left on a motorcycle belonging to the Guyana Police Force. The driver of the taxi also left. The two girls were taken from the house and to the Turkeyen Police Station.

Following investigations, Prince was arrested and charged for the offence.