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Essequibo teen beaten by two men after leaving party

A nineteen-year-old is now trying to return his life to normalcy after being beaten by two men.

Jevin Boston was hospitalised following the incident which occurred last Sunday. He has since identified the perpetrators by their aliases, “Wattick” and “Killer Beans”.

The incident occurred at Dartmouth, on the Essequibo Coast. Boston was at a party in Dartmouth along with the two men.

 Reports are that at the time of the incident, Boston was heading to his West Bury Home, when the two men drove up to him in a car.

According to the young man’s mother, Hazel Singh, the men attacked her son with a glass bottle, then “trampled’ on him while he was on the ground.

“At around quarter to four we hear he get attack, and when we reach there he lay down as if he dead… wah we understand is that the men them lash he in he head with a bottle and they throw he down. When they throw he down they start kick he and stamp he up on the ground.”

Boston was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he remained unconscious for several hours. One of the attackers was reportedly apprehended by police, but later released.

When asked if last Sunday’s attack was as a result of any old grievance, the boy’s mother responded, saying, “The boy the dancing with a girl, and the buying beer and so for the girl so I don’t know if is that the man them see and they get vex and they mussy attack the bai.”

Boston’s family told this publication that they are pleading for justice, especially since police appear to be taking a slow approach, towards investigating the incident.