The police in Bartica are investigating the shooting death of a man over the weekend by his boss.

Information reaching the BIG Smith Crime Watch indicated that the shooting took place in a remote area of the Region 7, where the employee and the businessman were involved in heated argument.

The BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the businessman has been identified as Kevin Baboolal, he is said to be the son of wealthy businessman who operates the H20 Resort in the Mazaruni River.

Senior police sources have confirmed the shooting indicated and said that although the shooting took place over the weekend, it was only today, Monday that the young businessman was arrested.

When asked why this was so, we were told that given the remote area where the shooting took place, the police had to travel to the area and it was only early this morning that they arrived at the location and made the arrest.

Kevin Baboolal is presently in the custody of the police assisting with investigation. Contacted today, the father of the young man confirmed that his son is the subject of a police investigation and that he shot the man in

The BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the worker attacked the businessman with a cutlass and he whipped out a firearm and discharged several rounds at him, which were fatal.

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