Elderly patient found on hospital floor; later succumbs; family wants answers

Regional health authorities in Region Two are investigating why an elderly man was left on the floor at the Suddie Public Hospital for a period of time and whether or not neglect could have led to his death.

On Monday evening last, reports surfaced on social media, alleging gross negligence at the Suddie Public Hospital. In the post, 75 year-old Clarke Chappel can be seen lying on the floor in the ward, after reportedly falling from a bed.

The Regional Health Officer of Region Two, Dr. Ranjeev Singh, when contacted on Tuesday said that the issue was brought to his attention, and will be investigated. The RHO also said, that no staff members have been penalized, as investigations are yet to commence.

Nathram Persaud, the man’s explained that it was his niece who discovered the elderly man lying on the floor during visiting hours on last Sunday afternoon. It is still unclear how long the man had been lying on the floor, prior to his niece’s arrival, though family members claim he was on the floor of the hospital for at least thirty-minutes.

Persaud further claimed, that nurses and doctors were in the ward, but were awaiting the assistance of porters, to put the man back on the bed. “It was until another cousin arrive, that my niece got assistance, and the two of them struggle and put him up back on the bed, and the porters that they were waiting on, didn’t even show up,” the man said.

This publication understands that the seventy-five-year-old man was admitted at the Suddie Public Hospital on last Friday, due to kidney complications. He eventually succumbed yesterday, Monday. Though his death may not be linked directly to him falling to the ground, family members are disturbed that elderly man was treated so poorly, during the final hours of his life.