Edoo reluctant to hand over- “let’s see what happens” says Benn

(Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn and Fire Chief  Kalamadeen Edoo in happier times)

Fire Chief  Kalamadeen Edoo has been verbally asked to proceed on leave but is yet to be written to. This publication understands that whether or not the Fire Chief proceeds on leave and hands over to his deputy is hinged on him being written to by the powers that be.

The publication earlier reported that Edoo was sent on accumulated leave, this comes days after sharp criticism of the GFS’s performance during the recent Brickdam Police Station fire.

When we caught up with Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn today, he was asked about the Fire Chief not handing over since he was not officially written to, “Let’s see what happens,” Minister Benn responded.

Benn had earlier told this publication that Edoo was sent on leave since he needed “some space and time.”

Today, Minister Benn along with several officials inspected several fire fighting equipment, this, the minister said was to ensure these were in working order. Asked if he was impressed, the Minister said “there are worries still,” as he pointed to mismatched parts and other issues.