E’bo man found hanging from tree; police claims suicide, family believes foul play

The body of twenty-nine-year-old Narindria Seecharran was found earlier this morning, hanging from a tree at the Reliance Backdam, on the Essequibo Coast. Police investigators, when contacted, said that the incident is being handled as suicide. However, Seecharran’s family believes that foul play was involved in the man’s death.

According to information reaching this publication, the now dead man lived with his parents at Mainstay, Essequibo Coast. The man, who family members claim was also single, worked as a rice farmer, and cultivated crops at the reliance Backdam.

Reports are that the man left for the rice fields yesterday afternoon, but did not return home. The man’s sister-in-law, who lives next door, said that this was unusual, as the man kept a small circle, and usually comes home on time. “Around 4 o’ clock he left home and he gone Backdam, but usually he comes home at 6 o’ clock. When the father come home, he asks the mother if to lock up the gate but she said that Ravindra didn’t come home yet, so we got a little worried because he don’t usually be out.”

The woman said that their fears worsened when multiple calls to Seecharan’s phone went unanswered. This publication was told that at this point, a small search party was formed, which then headed to the Backdam.

The Big Smith News Watch understands that late last night, the man’s motorcycle, along with his keys and helmet, were found lying in a clump of bushes near a canal. It was not until this morning that his body was discovered more than a kilometer from where his motorcycle was seen.

The man’s sister-in-law who spoke with this publication earlier, said, “This morning [today Tuesday] somebody gone to change cow at the Backdam and they saw him hanging from the tree. When we gone to the site it was way far from where we find the motorbike. Something just not adding up.”

The Big Smith News Watch understands that the man was last seen alive around 17:30 hrs. yesterday afternoon, by a rice farmer who farms in the said location. The man told family members that Seecharran said he was waiting to see when the paddy bugs would come out.

When this publication visited the man’s home this morning, his grieved mother, Anita Seecharran, said that she believes her son was murdered. When asked if the man was displaying any signs of suicide, a family member said, “yesterday he deh good good, all day he worked on a trailer, and he had plans today to go to town to buy a part for the tractor.”

According to police, the there were no marks of violence on the body, and therefore it cannot be ruled out as a murder. This publication was told that a postmortem examination is to be conducted on the body this Thursday, in an effort to ascertain the man’s cause of death.