Drama at court as accused ‘mom killer’ faints twice prompting adjournment

After waiting for the arrival of the magistrate for more than one hour, the matter of 47 year old Kameela Jameer was called at the Fort Wellington Magistrate Court, West Coast Berbice. The woman who was being held in the station lockups next door was escorted to the waiting area in the upper flat of the courtroom.

Kameela Jameer is the mother of two who along with her reputed husband were detained for the murder of 72 year Rookmin Jameer, the mother of Kameela. After being in police custody for forty eight hours, Kameela reportedly provided the police with a confession statement that she killed her mother and subsequently led detectives to the murder weapon.

At court this morning, as relatives and villages sat inside the courtroom awaiting the magistrate to exit his chambers, loud sobs could be heard coming from the room in which the suspect was being held. The sobs got louder and following by wailing which prompted the court prosecutor to call for silence and the subsequent removal of the woman from the waiting area.

Within seconds of those instructions, the court orderly called on the court room to rise as he introduced the magistrate;

“Court rise everywhere, his worship Robindra Singh presiding, please turn off all cell phone or place them on silent and remember to address the magistrate as yes sir, no sir or yes your worship, no your worship” the court was instructed by the orderly.

The court was then was ordered to sit and the name of Kameela Jameer was called, as she sat in the prisoners docks, before she could stand to her feet, she fainted, causing the magistrate to instruct that she be taken to the hospital and then adjourned the court while the police returned the woman to the holding area.

The adjournment lasted for approximately five minutes as the female police ranks revived the woman with limacol. As she returned to the docks, the woman again began crying and at that point the magistrate informed the prosecutor and the court that he cannot read the charge to the woman in that condition. Seconds after he finish making his statement the woman fainted again.

In this composite photo, murder suspect Kameela Jameer is escorted by a police woman to the court room but had to be fetched out of the courthouse by three female police after she fainted before the charge of murder could be read to her.

The magistrate again instructed that she be taken to the hospital and this time that one done, the woman was assisted down the stairs of the courtroom by three females and placed into the police station as a vehicle was prepared for the escort to the hospital. Once the vehicle was ready, the woman was placed inside along with a number of ranks and escorted to the hospital, still in her handcuffs.

The detective constable who is said to be leading the investigation was allowed to swear to the information contained in the file. Up to the time we left the courthouse, the woman was not yet returned there to answer to the charge of killing her mother.

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