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“Mental evaluation” for mother who dump child in swamp

BREAKING: Mother admits to beating and dumping 6-Y-O in swamp

The office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has ordered that “a mental evaluation” be done of the mother of the six year old child who had suffered injuries after being struck in her head by the mother.

In legal advice sent to the police, the DPP has asked that the results of the evaluation be returned with the mother’s file for further advice on the matter.

The mother of Goed Bananen, East Canjie Berbice confessed to police that she had beaten the child with a piece of wood, it was a blow to the child’s head which rendered her unconscious and led the mother to believe the child was dead.

Before this confession, the mother sounded an alarm that the child was missing. The unconscious child was later found in a swamp close to the home.

The DPP in its advice to the Police has asked that the child be placed in “protective custody with her father,” or any other relative and or any agency approved by the Child Protection Agency.

But based on social media posts from family members, the child remains hospitalised with her father by her side.