Double heartache for husband after it is alleged dead wife was unfaithful.

A thirty-five-year-old miner plummeted into great despair, when he found out that his wife, who was killed in a traffic accident last Saturday, was with another man at the time. Simona Williams, better known as Mona, died on last Saturday, during a car crash that also involved her twenty-three-years old ‘boyfriend,’ Terry Samuels.

According to police report, Samuels, who is also a police constable, picked up Williams and left for Anna Regina. It was while the couple was returning to William’s Good Hope Home, that an argument ensued between the two. This argument led to the woman pulling the vehicle steering wheel, which later resulted in the vehicle losing control and crashing.

When contacted, family members told the Big Smith News Watch that they are still trying to wrap their heads around what transpired. The woman’s husband, when contacted by this publication, opted that his name not be publicized. When asked for a comment who only mentioned, “Me went in the backdam when everything happen, so me ain’t want me name publish anywhere, but who ever last f*** she, let them bury she.”

The distraught man then handed the phone to his sister, who also opted to remain anonymous. The sister-in-law of the now dead woman, said that on the day in question, Williams had indeed left for Anna Regina, claiming that she was heading to the pharmacy for medication..

She said that later that day, they learnt via telephone, that Williams was involved in an accident. “Sammy, the police man she was with, called and said that ‘your sister got in an accident and she get knock out… about ten minutes later the person call back and say that she died.”

When asked if she was aware of the alleged affair, the sister-in-law responded, saying, “No I wasn’t aware, I live at Good Hope not too far from she and we is good friends. Any problem or so she does help me or me does help she… it was shocking because we didn’t expect that because she left to go pharmacy to buy some stuff for the children.”

This publication understands that together with her reputed husband, Williams bore two kids; a boy nine-years-old and a girl seven-years-old. Sources confirmed that the couple had been married for the past eleven years, and her husband only left for the interior on January 10th.