Doctor, Nurses suspended for negligence in maternity death

A doctor and two nurses attached to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital have been suspended following the death of a 31-year-old mother and her new born baby last weekend.

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony on Thursday said “as of now, the Doctor and two of the Nurses who were involved have been suspended.” He was speaking during his daily interview with the Department of Public Information.

According to the Minister, a review committee visited the hospital on Sunday where several interviews were conducted and a report was issued citing the trio for negligence.

“We strongly believe that the doctor who was in charge of the patient seem to be negligent and we also believe that the nurses who were involved were also negligent,” noting that his action to suspend the healthcare workers was based on the report.

 Thirty-one-year-old Vanessa Sahadeo died at the Georgetown Public Hospital on February 27, hours after her new born baby girl died at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Big Smith News Watch reported that Sahadeo was admitted to the hospital on February 22 and transferred to the Labour room on February 26 in a healthy state.

However, shortly after her delivery, her parents were contacted and told that the baby died and Sahadeo was being prepared to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital as she was in dire need of blood which was not available at the Region Six facility.

After a prolonged period awaiting an ambulance, Sahadeo was transported to the GPHC where she died on February 27.

An autopsy done by Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh found that she died from hypovolemic shock, which is severe fluid loss. It also listed abdominal and pelvic hemorrhage, acute lung distress, brain edema, which is a build-up of fluid around the brain along with cerebellum herniation.

The family is looking to conduct private autopsies on the bodies.