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Diverted Flights Returning to CJIA Following Lightning Strike

Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) is actively working to restore normal operations after severe thunderstorms and lightning strikes damaged the runway lighting system. Teams from CJIA and the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) have so far identified and replaced four cable sections and five transformers. Additionally, the lightning damaged the lightning protection system of the equipment and several GPL transformers in nearby communities.

Airlines have provided updates on the affected flights:

  • American Airlines:
    • Flight AA 2557 from JFK, diverted to Barbados, is now expected to arrive at 13:09 hrs.
    • Flight AA 1512 to MIA is now scheduled to depart at 13:49 hrs.
    • Flight AA 1513 from MIA, diverted to Barbados, has a new estimated arrival time of 13:39 hrs.
    • Flight AA 1534 is estimated to depart to MIA at 14:19 hrs.
  • JetBlue:
    • Flight B61965 from JFK, diverted to Puerto Rico, is now expected to arrive at 13:00 hrs.
    • Flight B61966 to JFK has a new estimated departure time of 14:37 hrs.
  • Copa Airlines:
    • Flight CM 190 from Panama is expected to arrive at 11:24 hrs.
    • Flight CM 191 to Panama has a new estimated departure time of 12:24 hrs.

CJIA assures passengers and airlines that they are working diligently to restore the runway lighting system as quickly as possible to ensure safe and timely flight operations.