Dismissal of charges in Henry murders, not surprising – Harmon

Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon said he is not surprised by the dismissal of charges against Vinod Gopaul and Anil Sacharia. The men along with Akash Singh were charged with the murders of Isaiah Henry and Joel Henry.

Magistrate Peter Hugh on Tuesday discharged the murder charges against Vinod Gopaul and Anil Sacharia. The charges against the two were discharged by the Magistrate who agreed with defence lawyer Dexter Todd’s submission that the state has not produced any admissible evidence of murder against the two.

“I believe that the whole investigation into these murders, the investigations have been tainted from day one,” Harmon told the media outside Parliament.

“If you bring a citizen who has, for all intents and purposes, who has nothing to do with this murder, what you are doing is setting up the population to believe that you have somebody and now you take them before the court, the Magistrate can find no connection between the persons before the court and the crime that has been committed,” Harmon said.

He accused the police of harassing the Henry family as he said this is among the reasons he has filed a motion of no confidence in Robeson Benn, Minister of Home Affairs.