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Deputy Commissioner of Police under internal probe

L-R Deputy Commissioner Alves and Graham, Top Cop James and Deputy Commissioners Hoppie and Williamsย 

The Guyana Police Force has initiated an Internal Investigation against a deputy Commissioner of Police who it is alleged, has been having inappropriate sexual interactions with a number of junior police ranks within the organisation. Further, the probe also seeks to address allegations of contract fixing and awarding by the same Deputy Commissioner.

While the Police Force has not been speaking on this issue which raised its head publicly some three weeks ago, BIG Smith News Watch has been reliably informed that the probe is being headed by one Deputy Commissioner of Police and that Deputy Commissioner of Police is being assisted in the probe by two other individuals.

It is unclear what legal standing or fruitful outcome such an investigation could have since according to procedures, the person being investigated cannot be probed by someone of the same rank or lower in rank.

On Wednesday, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan said that he was not aware of the allegation against the Deputy Commissioner and he was not briefed by the police force about any ongoing probe in that regard.

โ€œWell itโ€™s true it ought to be brought to my attention but I am unaware of it, how long was this? Well no I am totally unaware and there arenโ€™t everything that happen in my police force that I will be aware of and thanks for the press you have enlighten me here this morning about sexual allegationsโ€ย  Ramjattan told the media

Three weeks ago, an online new site reported on the alleged misconduct of the Deputy Commissioner and also named the individual.The report also indicated that several females have spoken out about the instances but are afraid to go public out of fear of victimization.

In June of this year, the police administration was forced to send its Deputy Commissioner Law Enforcement, Lyndon Alves on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation which centred on several allegations that he was in contact with questionable characters among others.

The force the then stated that Alves was cleared of any wrong doing but nevertheless said that he will remain on administrative leave which would lead him into pre-retirement. It remains unclear why if Alves was cleared of any wrong doing, a decision was taken to have him remain off the job.