Decomposed remains of 54-Y-O found in home

The home in Ghansham’s body was discovered 

Crime Scene Detectives and forensic ranks in West Demerara were this morning called to investigate the discovery of a decomposed remains which was found in a home at Hague, West Coast Demerara.

The remains which were discovered by a teenager was later identified to be that of Eric Ghansham who is known for repairing bicycles in the community.

The decomposed remains of the 54 year old

BIG Smith Crime Watch has been informed that Tuesday morning, the 19 year old friend of the man visited his home after not seeing or hearing from him for about a week and it was then that the discovery was made in the lower flat of the two storied wooden house which according to police sources, sits on a property which is well fenced. The decease man lived alone.

Upon examining the remains, the police failed to find any initial marks of violence on the remains and from initial checks in and around the property, there seems to have been no sign that foul play might have been involved as there was no visible signs of disruption to anything in the house.

Ghansham worked as a bicycle repairman in the community of Hague. He is known around the community as ‘Cook Soup’ and ‘Allen’ based on what was communicated to BIG Smith Crime Watch.

Shortly after the remains were discovered, contact was made with a man who identified himself as the brother of the deceased and indicated that he too did not hear from his brother for a while.

The remains of the deceased were removed from the property and taken a funeral home even as the police await a postmortem to be conducted to determine the cause of death.