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DEATH SUNDAY: Four killed, six hospitalized in eight Sunday accidents

DEATH SUNDAY: Four killed, six hospitalized in eight Sunday accidents

June 21, 2020, has recorded the most accidents in one day resulting in the death of a number persons including a child and the hospitalization of a number of motor and pedal cyclists in separate accidents stretching from Berbice all the way to Essequibo and left hundreds of thousands in medical bills and damage to property.

Vryheid’s Lust Hit & Run: Man hospitalized

On Sunday at approximately 22:30hrs on Vryheid’s Lust Public Road East Coast Demerara, 52-year-old Mark Messiah of Graham Street Plaisance was struck from his pedal cycle was he was attempting to cross the road. Messiah was struck by a car whose registration plate was not recorded and there was no CCTV footage to capture the plate number as the car fled the scene without the driver stopping to render any assistance to his victim.

The victim was picked up in a conscious state and taken to the hospital where he was admitted a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital while his cycle was lodged with the police and the search for the driver continues.


Hopetown Berbice: Can run over man 

At approximately 19:00hrs on Sunday evening at Hopetown Public Road West Coast Berbice, 27-year-old Kerry McPherson of James Street Hopetown, West Coast Berbice was struck down by a car HB 9790 which was being driven by 28-year-old Troy Ramjit of 22 Section A Number 4 Village, West Coast Berbice.

Police reported that at the time of the accident, the driver of the car saw someone lying in the middle on the road in his lane but efforts to employ evasive measures to avoid running him over failed as vehicles were coming in the opposite direction.

As a consequence, the car ran over the man who was later identified as McPherson. He was picked up at rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was treated for a fractured shoulder and then subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital and admitted. The driver of the car was detained by the police who carried out two separate breathalyzer tests on him and but both failed to show any signs of alcohol in his system. That investigation continues.


Enmore Hit & Run: Child killed; another hospitalized

Just about 19:00 hrs on Sunday evening at Enmore, East Coast Demerara two children were struck down leaving one dead and the other hospitalized. They were the victims of an apparent hit and run accident according to the police.

Information suggests that the police have no useful information at this time on the driver or the registration plate for the vehicle. It was reported that on arrival at the scene, one of the children lay motionless with injuries to the face and other parts of the body while the other lay in a semi-unconscious condition. The children were placed into a Guyana Police Force Vehicle and rushed to the hospital, the probes continue.


 West Dem Public Road: Two motorcyclists killed

An accident on Sunday at Stein Public Road, East Bank Essequibo involving motorcar PXX 9662 and motorcycles CE 4961 and CH 8502 resulted in the death of 22-year-old Nigel Jones of Middle Street Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara and 23-year-old Shor Scott Samaroo Dam Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara both riders of the aforementioned motorcycles.

At the time of the accident 23-year-old, Jerel Rampersaud and 20-year-old Tyreac Beckles were pillion riders on the two previously identified motorcycles while 40-year-old Parmanand Persaud was said to be an occupant of the car which was driven by 22-year-old Milton Lackan.

The police report states that the driver of the car saw about fifteen motorcycles proceeding speed along the roadway with one in his driving lane. According to the car driver, he applied breaks but the motorcycle collided with his vehicle and the motorcycle ended up on the windscreen resulting in him losing control and ended up on the other side of the road where one of the mother motorcycles collided with the side of the car.

The riders and their pillions fell to the roadway receiving injuries to their bodies and were picked up and rushed to the hospital where the riders were pronounced dead on arrival while the pillion riders were treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. They were treated for fractured legs while the passenger in the car was treated and sent away. An alcohol test was conducted on the diver but no trace of the intoxicative substance was in his system. He remains in custody as the police investigations continue.


Nabaclis ECD: Motorcyclist hospitalized    

Sometime after 15:30hrs on Sunday at the Nabacalis Public Road, East Coast Demerara, 25-year-old Kevon Anthony Paul of Cortland Corentyne Berbice who was proceeding at a fast rate of speed lost control of his bike CK 1436 and collided with motorcar PHH 3595 which was parked at the time. As a result, Paul received injuries about his body and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an unconscious state and admitted after being examined by a doctor.


Camp & Regent Sts: Pedestrian hospitalized

At Camp and Regent Streets on Sunday at approximately noon, 22-year-old Bibi Zalima Mohan of Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara was struck down by motorcycle CJ 4129 as it attempted to overtake a long line of vehicles while riding at top speed while she emerged from between two stationary vehicles.

As a result of the collision, the pedestrian fell onto the road surface and received injuries to her right leg. She was picked up in a conscious condition by public-spirited citizens and taken to the Woodlands Hospital where she was seen and examined by a doctor on duty, treated for a fractured right leg, and admitted a patient in the said institution.

The rider is in custody, no alcohol trace was found in his system but the police are expected to charge him for dangerous among other offenses.


Berbice: Cyclist hospitalized

On the Glasgow Public Road Sunday at approximately 18:05hrs an accident resulted in in 28 year old pedal cyclists Damion Fausett of Heatburn, East Bank Berbice suffering bruises about the body after he was struck by motorcar HB 6863.

Information from the police suggests that the car which was going at a fast rate of speed when the pedal cyclist swerved into the path of the car resulting in a collision. The pedal cyclist was picked up and taken the hospital where he was admitted a patient even as the investigations are ongoing.


Essequibo: Cop dies     

Twenty-Five-year-old Police Sergeant Lakhan Persaud met his demise on Sunday just after 13:35hrs on Land of Plenty Public Road, Essequibo Coast while driving PRR 5764.

Police indicated that the lawmen of 5 Columbia Village, Essequibo Coast, and who was attached to the Police Finance office in Georgetown was proceeding along the roadway when he collided with several parked vehicles and motor spare parts where being showcased to the façade of a business place.

After he was rushed to the Suddie Hospital he was pronounced dead on arrival. Video footage that circulated following the accident showed that the car approached the parts vehicles in a side-ways position.