Deadly ‘drunken brawl’ of siblings’ leaves mom loss for words

In this composite photos Ms Samaroo is flanked by her two sons at left Roopchand (suspect) and Satnarine (deceased) Jattan at right 

67 year old Dessie Samaroo the mother of the two men who got into a drunken brawl on Monday leaving one dead and the other a subject of the legal system said that she is still trying to come to grips with the tragedy and what might have led to the younger of the two turning on the older one.

Ms. Dassi Samaroo

She confirmed that it is the older brother, Satnarine Jattan called ‘Dalim’ who is deceased that was known to be aggressive and ‘hot headed’. According to her, she is not sure what he might have said or done to the suspect, Roopchand Jattan called ‘Navin’ that might have caused him, Navin to react in such a violent manner.

Ms. Samaroo in an interview Tuesday morning at her home with BIG Smith Crime Watch, confirmed that the two boys were indeed drinking along with another brother who left before the incident took place. The distraught mother also spoke removing a cutlass from the front of the house after the boys began imbibing as she did not want any incident where the cutlass would be used.

Roopchand Jattan called ‘Navin’ who is in police custody

“Me na know wuh come up between dem two, meh deh back deh and ah wash wears, meh been done cook and meh ah go wash wears so dem two deh and dem na drink and suh na mo, dem been ah drink suh afta de blackout come on, dah one deh in de hammock and he sit dung here and dem a gaff and me peep and meh see dem deh suh me na know wuh come up between dem two” Samaroo told BIG Smith Crime Watch on Tuesday morning.

We were told that the woman has four sons but it is the two who got into the argument who were the ones that would support her and has been supporting her financially since her husband died some nineteen years ago.

Ms. Samaroo who is also said to be sickly reportedly returned home recently after spending two weeks in the hospital, her daughter related during our visit to the home.

Satnarine Jattan called ‘Dalim’ who deceased and was described as the ‘hot headed’ sibling

Her daughter said that last night her mother could not sleep at 03;00hrs Tuesday morning, the woman got up from her bed and began crying and calling for both of her sons.

Yesterday, Monday the two men got into an altercation at their lot 147 Charlotte Street Home and things escalated resulting in the death and subsequent arrest.

The police arrived at the location, took control of the crime scene and began their investigations which is ongoing.









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