After exhausting his annualized vacation leave, sick leave, special leave and no pay leave, Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine has decided to make his exit from the Guyana Police Force.

His decision comes more than five months after he was overlooked for an appointment as Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police in August 2018.

Ramnarine has not work a single day under the leadership of the five Assistant Commissioners of Police who were all junior to him but were promoted as Top Cop and Deputy Commissioners respectively.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan confirmed to the BIG Smith Crime Watch that David Ramnarine wrote to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry which he requested early retirement and that has been granted.

The minister said that he would have preferred Ramnarine to remain on the job but if Ramnarine no longer wishes to serve then his decision should be respected.

According to the Security Minister โ€œRamnarine was hailed as a very experienced police officer with a wealth of knowledge and one who was very good with the media and articulated very wellโ€

A police officer can head into early retirement once his or her service to the force is above twenty years.

When contacted for a comment Ramnarine said that he has none to give as he is no longer in public life.

In the lead up to the selection of the Commissioner of Police, President David Granger indicated that he was looking for a Commissioner who is not corrupt and who is also not bribe-able, he then choose Leslie James.

David Ramnarine years in the force after he became a senior officer was characterized by a number of incidents which attracted media and public attention.

His troubles began when he found himself in a public war of words with then Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee over monies allocated to cater for the logistics for police ranks who were working under his command in โ€˜Fโ€™ Division during an election period.

Since that development, Ramnarine was overlooked by the People Progressive Party Civic in a number of areas.
There thee were the statements which came from the Public Relations Department of the force every now and then and which were attributed to Ramnarine where he spoke strongly about issues concerning the force and how other agencies were addressing them.

Those statements were in the past directed to the judiciary, private Sector, Police Service Commission and even individuals. Ramnarine even took on a magistrate once.

Moving on from that, he was then accused of engaging in a number insubordinate acts against former Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and even made bold changes in the force whenever he acted as Top Cop in the absence of Persaud.

There were instances where some of his actions were reversed by Persaud when he returned from his various leave of travel duties. But it was Ramnarineโ€™s decision to promote a number of junior ranks while Seelall Persaud was on leave that caught the publicโ€™s attention when the government was forced to intervene as Seelall Persaud was about the reverse the promotions.

At the Commission of Inquiry into an alleged plot to assassinate President David Granger, Ramnarine again made headlines with his statements on the stand which sought to knock the leadership of Seelall Persaud and certain decision of then Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum.

Also under Ramnarineโ€™s watch a number of junior police ranks were fired. However some of them were reinstated when Leslie James and his deputies took over the management of the force.

Decisions of transfers and dismissals which were believed to have been done in a unilateral manner were reversed.

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