COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out

Even as health authorities roll out the COVID 19 vaccines to frontline workers, two more COVI9-19 related deaths have been recorded.

These deaths now pushed Guyana’s total COVID 19 related deaths to 184. Pharmacist Brinnet Bernarai is the first person to get the vaccine on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning the Ministry of Health said that two men aged 83 years- old and age 90 years Рold died while receiving medical care. One person hailed from Region 4 and the other  from Region 5.

Mere two hours before this announcement, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony was on hand at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to witness the first jab of the vaccine.

The Minister hailed this as “the beginning of the turn around of this pandemic” in Guyana. “The intention is to reach herd immunity” Dr Anthony said, “which means in the next couple of months we would be able to secure enough vaccines so most of the adult population here in Guyana would be able to get vaccines.

1400 of the 1500 vaccines donated to Barbados by India arrived in Guyana on Wednesday. Barbados donated some of its the vaccines to Guyana. Guyana expects donations of vaccines from India, China and Russia in the coming weeks.