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Cousin of Groom dies after gang beating on wedding night

DEAD: 25 year Old Rudhindra Persaud

TWENTY-FIVE year old Rudhindra Persaud called ‘Boyo’ of Foulis, East Coast Demerara died on Sunday at 15:00 hrs  after he received a gang beating from men who were liming a few meters from a house lot 147 Non Peril Block 12 where [he] Persaud was celebrating his cousin’s wedding reception.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch on Monday morning, Nahandai Boodran, mother of the Groom related that she was entertaining her guests and selling at the bar when her sister made the first of several approaches to enquire about her son.

“We had a bar out there and so we selling, I was busy then my sister come one time and say you see boyo? so I said yes look he stand up over that one side, that is right opposite the neighbor, she go and she talk and see he and she come in back”

The woman said a short while after, her sister again approached her and asked for the young man again as she has been checking on him all night.

“Meh sister and brother in law said where boy deh again and my sister said you better go and see if is he gone till at the end so because watch them get a set of boys deh, deh got a fight there-like and with a set of stick in dem hand” Boodran recalled.

Boodran said while her sister went in the direction of the strange young men, she remained at her wedding house but sent her husband behind her sister and brother in law to see what was happening as the neighbours seem to have also gotten into conflict with the strange boys.

“So she said no watch how them boys this a beat people Pickney hay and that is not right, abby na know is who pickney dis time she na been know that ah she son dem been ah beat. So I said ok leff them leh them stay with them fight and everybody for me wuh come to de wedding yall come back this way and everybody listen but the boys them keep rushing up and say alyo clear alyo so and so.” Nahandai Boodran recalled in her interview with BIG Smith News Watch.

She said the boys even attempted to hit her and she shouted no, no, I just want peace and indicated to the boys that if they wanted to come at the wedding house, they were welcome to do so but that they should not be fighting and they said “alright aunty”

“By then that the music boy came out and ask what wrong if yall alright and by the time he said that, wood start pelt pon he bla dam bla dam ah him face and meh hold meh sister hand and me meh push meh neighbor and meh she yall come on, yall move out move come leh awe go them boys them dis ignorant” she further explained.

The commotion also caused the groom to leave his bride to inquire what was going on and he too received a lash to his hands.

After the family and guests returned to the house, the mother of Rudhindra Persaud again began inquiring about her son. This time she said that something seems wrong and she decided to return to the location where the gang of boys were, according to what Boodran told this publication.

After she returned to the location she pleaded with the boys not to hurt her and said that she was just looking for her son as she was not finding him, BIG Smith News Watch was told.

“One of them said oh aunty ah you son you a look for, he said watch one boy lay down there, he get lash and lay down there and she where he deh and she beg them again not to do her anything when one ah them ah go raise the wood for go lash she again. She again beg them and she said that she gah get a light because the place dark and she cannot recognize the person so she came back here for her phone  and she went back with the phone light  and when she went back with the phone light then she get to identify that it was her son.”

Boodran recalled as she added; “When she see that was her son she start holler and then everyone body get out to go see and then my son hustle to go out and carry him down he was not dead he had lil life and then they took him to hospital and they paced him on life support machine”

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the young men who carried out the act are from the Community of Enterprise which is a village away from the wedding house.

Today Commander of the police Regional Division 4C said that no arrests have yet been made but that the police are doing some work in relation to the matter.

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The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.
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Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.