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Coronavirus case in Berbice untrue- Regional Health Officials

L-R MoPH Coordinator Alex Forster, A doctor from the Port Mourant Hospital, Regional Health Director Jevaughn Stephen and Dr. Vasana Henry at the Press Conference on Wednesday

By Royan Abrams

At a hastily called press conference this afternoon at the Port Mourant Hospital on the Corentyne Coast, the Regional Health Administration in Berbice, Region 6 has rubbished and regarded as rumors; claims that the region was nursing a suspected case of the deadly coronavirus. The press conference was held at the said medical institution where it was stated the patient is being kept for observation.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the person who is suspected to be infected with the virus is a medical student who returned to Guyanan in early January using the following routes; Nigeria, Germany, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

The student is being housed at the Port Mourant Hospital recently had complained of feeling unwell and according to the Medical Superintendent of the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital Dr. Vasana Henry, the student was examined and it was discovered that he had a fever.

โ€œBased on his travel history and what was happening on that day we would have advised for home visit but since he does not have a place to stay a decision was made at management level to assist in helping him find a place to stay on that day or two days until housing is provided for him… but I want to say again that the student had no signs or symptoms of the coronavirusโ€ Dr. Vasana Henry noted on Wednesday

Director of Regional Health Services, Jevaughn Stephen also made it clear that the notion suggesting the region is nursing a suspected coronavirus case is untrue. He explained that a semi quarantine area is set up as is customary with any outbreak of any virus to place persons who exhibit any form of the symptoms associated with those illnesses.

The senior regional health official further stated that the same protocols were adopted and carried out with the medical student after he complained of not feeling well and was therefore placed in the semi quarantine area to be isolated and checked thoroughly.

โ€œSame was done with the medical student and today he is doing much better the nurses and doctors checked him out today so he is on his way out so to dispel what persons would have circulated that there is no case of the coronavirus at Port Mourant Hospital it is negative so I want to assure all staff members and members of the public there are no such cases,โ€ the director said.

The region did receive some criticisms after the social media post was made which suggested that the patient was transferred from Georgetown to Berbice. The post stated that the patient was transferred because they are no facility to keep patient in quarantine at the Georgetown Public Hospital and since the transfer was made, nurses and doctors at the Port Mourant Hospital have been expressing fear for their lives and safety.