Corentyne double murder suspect remanded


The man accused of brutally killing his two nephews has been remanded to prison when he appeared in the Number 51 Magistrates’ Court to answer two counts of murder on Friday.

49 year-old Vernon Rangadoo of number 43 village Corentyne was not required to plea to charge when it was read it him by Magistrate Alex Moore.

The court heard that on Sunday January 31 at number 43 village Corentyne, the accused murdered his nephews 22 year old Mahendra Ramoutar and Surindra Raghunandan both of number 43 village Corentyne.

According to reports, the suspect has since admitted to the crime and told investigators that he was at home when he heard his brother and wife having an argument. He revealed that his brother called out to him as his nephews were intervening in the argument. Upon seeing this the suspect who was consuming alcohol earlier armed himself with a knife and attacked the two boys who were standing on the public road and dealt them stabs about the body.

A post mortem which was done on the dead men revealed that they died from shock and hemorrhage due to multiple stab wound. Ramoutars was stabbed to the abdomen and throat while his brother Raghunandan was stabbed several times to the chest causing his lungs to collapsed.

Aunt of the now dead brothers 48 year old Bibi Shamin Faroozadeen told the Big Smith News Watch that her in law is recovering at the New Amsterdam but refused to inform relatives what really transpired. She disclosed that family members are so far pleased with the investigation and is looking forward for the suspect to face the full force of the law.

The father of the men was arrested but has since been released.

He is expected to return to court on April 23.