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CoP lauds security firm for nabbing suspect; links it to collaboration

Cop lauds security firm for nabbing suspect; links it to collaboration

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken on Saturday morning commended the operations of a private security service that saw the apprehension of a suspect and the recovery of a firearm with ammunition following an exchange of gunfire.

The weapon and ammo which the security guards managed to recover Saturday morning

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, security guards attached to Black Water Security Company gave chase after a man they observed shooting indiscriminately in Alberttown while fleeing the area.

“I just want to say that this is the fruits of collaboration and first, I want to commend the administration of the company, that is Blackwater Security and I want to encourage other Security Services to be as alert as they were. In fact, they heard an explosion and they intervened, and we were successful in terms of taking another illegal firearm off the road” Commissioner of Police Hicken told BIG Smith News Watch in an invited comment.

As the gunman and others were seen fleeing, the security guards gave chase which ended on Croal Street after both suspects and security guards scaled fences and drains. During the process, it was observed that one of the suspects tossed a bag into an empty lot and the security guards followed and retrieved same.

An examination of the contents of the bag revealed a firearm with live matching ammunition. The Top Cop explained that the operation Saturday morning comes on the heels of a multiutility of meetings between the Guyana Police Force and administrators of Security Services and Companies in Guyana over the last few months.

“It is very good in terms of success, and it sets a standard in terms of the other security services and all we can do as the Guyana Police Force is to applaud the efforts and to encourage the other security services to continue to work in collaboration with the Guyana Police Force” The Top Cop concluded.

As a result of the operation, the security guards also took possession of the car which the suspects were using.