Construction worker gets 11 years for stabbing ex-wife



Seon Christie, who was found guilty earlier this month of unlawfully wounding his ex-wife—was given an 11-year prison sentence for the offence nn Wednesday.


Justice Jo Ann Barlow of the Berbice High Court imposed the prison sentence.


Christie, 42, was initially charged with attempting to murder Shanaz Mohamed, 31 years of age. However, 12 jurors unanimously convicted him of the lesser offence.


During the sentencing hearing, the offender apologised, but he insisted that his ex-partner had lied to the police. He declared that he would “leave Shanaz in the hands of the Almighty” in view of this.


Justice Barlow considered the fact that domestic violence events are much too prevalent in society while deciding on a suitable sentence. She also mentioned the victim’s testimony, which said the assault still hurt and gave her nightmares.


Christie was required by the Judge to be compensated for the time he spent on remand.


In order to facilitate this offender’s rehabilitation and reintegration into society, Judge Barlow ordered that he attend skills training in a subject of his choosing and counselling sessions specifically geared for persons convicted of offences related to domestic abuse.


Defence attorney Kevin Morgan represented Christie.


State Counsel Muntaz presented the prosecution’s case.


According to court records, Christie and Mohamed cohabitated at Fort Ordinance in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) for two years.


But according to a statement Mohamed gave the police, problems resulting from Christie’s unemployment caused their relationship to end in April 2021.


Christie, she said, moved out of their home as a result of the issues. She did, however, disclose that a knife-wielding Christie ambushed her on May 2, 2021, while she was at home.


He was carrying a hammer, the woman added. She said that Christie stabbed and assaulted her as she was using her phone, stating, “Oh, that’s what you’re doing.”


Mohamed recalled being knocked unconscious after the incident and waking up at the New Amsterdam Hospital, where she spent a week receiving care for her injuries to her head and neck.


Christie, on the other hand, ran away on foot and the Police issued a wanted bulletin for him.


However, the now-convicted man asserted in his caution statement that he was defending himself and that Mohamed had attacked him with a knife before he took away the weapon and stabbed her.