Construction on three new hospitals could start next year – Dr Anthony

Construction on new hospitals for West Demerara, Bartica and Suddie could start as early as next year, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony said on Saturday. The Minister was speaking at the commissioning of the rehabilitated Supply Health Centre.

There are existing facilities at these locations but new hospitals with extended health care services are being touted.

“In the next two to three years you are going to see an improvement in these hospitals, already we have completed the designs,” the Minister said, “once we finish the final touches to the designs, by early next year, hopefully by January, we will go out to tender for these projects.”

Funding is from the Government of India, Minister Anthony said as he estimated that each hospital could cost some US$10-US$12 million, these would mean, “big improvements,” the Minister said.

On Saturday too, the Minister lauded the availability of oxygen at some health centres as he said such capacity would be useful as the country fights COVID-19. He said that during the “Delta Surge” there was worry that the system would be overrun with COVID-19 cases.

Minister Anthony said the the increase in vaccination saw a reduction in those cases in the most populated region, Region Four, “First dose is in the 80s, for adults in this region, this is like the champion region now for vaccines.”

He said that vaccination made a difference, “When this region use to have 1500 cases and so forth, it is now 600 and something (cases), a big, big drop,” Dr Anthony said.