Construction of “young professionals” homes underway in Linden

Government has started the construction of some 20 homes for young professionals in Linden in Region 10. Located in Amelia’s Ward, the homes are being done under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Water-Central Housing & Planning Authority.

Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal during a visit to the construction site on Wednesday, spoke of the transformative nature of this project.

“This project is testament of the President’s promise to this region, it will translate into jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, all the building and construction material will be sourced from hardware stores around Linden,” Minister Croal pointed out.

The project is also utilizing skills from the community with a workforce of some 150 persons to build the 20 single elevated 2-bedroom homes.

On Wednesday, the Housing Ministry in a release said that there could be an increase to the workforce in the coming weeks as the project is expected to be completed within another four months.

It said too that construction of another 20 houses is expected to commence shortly. Together, these would  represent the first batch of houses under President Irfaan Ali’s 1000 homes project for Region 10.

Meanwhile, the Ministry will continue to engage NICIL and the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission for the acquisition of lands for allocations, the Housing Ministry said.

“The government’s aggressive housing program is aimed at providing housing options, in the form of built units as well as lands,” the release said.