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Constable Annette Abel killed by speeding vehicle during roadblock operation



Police Constable Annette Abel, 53, of Perth Village, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, lost her life while on duty last night as she and her colleagues were manning a roadblock outside the BV Police Station. 



Abel who was attached to the Beterverwagting (BV) Police Station’s Traffic Department, was struck down after the driver of a Jeep lost control of his vehicle after jumping the traffic lights and ploughed into her and a senior officer at the roadblock at around 22:00hrs last night.



According to a statement issued by the Guyana Police Force today, investigation disclosed that there was a roadblock on the southern carriageway on the public road in front of the Beterverwagting Police Station.



The roadblock was commanded by Inspector Castello, assisted by other members of the department including Abel.



Constable Abel stopped two vehicles at the side of the road, when motor Jeep PVV 8278, which was proceeding in the same direction at a fast rate of speed, approached the traffic light signal at the junction of Beterverwagting and the East Coast Highway.



The release further stated that, at the time the traffic signal was in working order and showing red in his direction but the driver of the Jeep drove through the red light signal and collided with the traffic cones, which were at the centre of the road as part of the roadblock operation.

The driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle and struck Constable Abel into motor car PAB 9932 which then collided with motor car PNN 8124, resulting in vehicle PNN 8124 colliding with Inspector Castello and one of the drivers, Chris Allen, who were all flung into the air.



Constable Abel landed about 20 feet away on the road surface with her left foot severed below the knee. Inspector Critchlow and Allen landed on the southern grass parapet.



EMT arrived shortly after and pronounced Abel dead at the scene.


Others involved in the collision received injuries and were escorted to Georgetown Public Hospital, where they are being treated for injuries.


Constable Abel was escorted to Memorial Gardens Funeral Home and is awaiting  a Post-Mortem Examination