Coalition calls for six months suspension of McCoy from Parliament over alleged assault

The APNU/AFC Coalition wants Minister of Public Affairs and Member of Parliament Kwame McCoy to be suspended from the National Assembly for six months, this is in relation to the alleged assault of APNU/AFC MP Tabitha Sarabo-Halley. The coalition in its motion wants the House to condemn the “attitude, conduct and behaviour” of McCoy and for him to issue an apology to the Assembly and to MP Sarabo-Halley specifically.

McCoy is accused of assaulting Sarabo-Halley. The incident which occurred during the debate on the national budget on March 3rd, 2021, happened in the corridor of the dome where the sittings were being held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.

Sarabo-Halley who spoke to the media last week said that McCoy “chucked” her to the head with his phone in hand, as she sought to intervene during a confrontation between McCoy and Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, who was leaving the Parliament.

The coalition in its motion also wants Parliament to prohibit McCoy from attending meetings of Committees for the six months. In its motion, the Coalition wants McCoy to be issued with a reprimand and censured for “his conduct and behaviour since the commencement of the 12th Parliament.”

McCoy has been accused by the APNU/AFC MPS of engaging in what they described as crass and rude heckling. MP Juretha Fernandes told the media that McCoy once called her a stripper and in heckling told her, she must return to “the kayamu” or a make-shift brothel or place of ill-repute, suggesting that she is a sex worker.

McCoy has since denied the alleged assault on Sarabo-Halley, “I emphatically and completely deny that I assaulted Ms. Halley as she has alleged or at all. At no time did I touch Ms. Halley with my phone or any part of my body.” McCoy admitted to an “exchange of words” but said that there was no physical contact.

The matter has been referred to the Police, the police is said to have taken statements from both MPs as well as witnesses. On Friday, one media house reported that the Director of Public Prosecution reportedly said that this matter has to be dealt with by the Speaker of the House.