Chocolates recalled over Salmonella outbreak

The Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) is advising the public that there is a recall of all batches of Kinder chocolate products manufactured by the Ferrero Ardennes S. A facility in Rue Pietro Ferrero, 5 Arlon 6700, Belgium due to a Salmonella outbreak. The known trade names of products manufactured at the implicated manufacturer’s facility in Belgium are listed below:

KinderSchoko-Bons200 g0 62020 02763 4Best before dates from September 3, 2022 to October 17, 2022
KinderHappy Moments – Kinder Confections Assortment191 g0 62020 01575 4Best before July 23, 2022
KinderMini Eggs110 g0 62020 02582 1Best before dates from
July 14, 2022 to August 18, 2022
KinderMini Eggs182 g0 62020 02576 0Best before dates from
July 12, 2022 to September 3, 2022
KinderMix – Egg Hunt Kit186 g0 62020 01627 0Best before dates from
July 1, 2022 to July 8, 2022
KinderMix – Egg Hunt Kit186 g0 62020 01629 4Best before dates from
July 1, 2022 to July 8, 2022
KinderMix – 7 Easter treats116 g0 62020 01616 4Best before dates from
June 19, 2022 to August 23, 2022
KinderSurprise, Miraculous100 g0 62020 02603 3Best before dates from August 19, 2022 to October 28, 2022
KinderSurprise, Natoons100 g0 62020 02572 2Best before dates from August 29, 2022 to October 28, 2022
KinderSurprise100 g0 62020 02625 5Best before November 29, 2022

Certain Kinder brand chocolate products recalled due to possible Salmonella –

The GA-FDD is urging consumers to NOT consume the recalled products and if you have the implicated product in your home, to immediately DISCARD or return to the location where they were purchased.

Food contaminated with Salmonella may not look or smell spoilt but can make you sick. Young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems may contract serious and sometimes deadly infections.

Healthy people may experience short-term symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhoea. Long term complications may include severe arthritis. If you think you became sick from consuming a recalled product, call your doctor or visit the nearest hospital, health centre or clinic.

The GA-FDD is also alerting consumers that there is a potential for unidentified international redistribution from the importing countries listed on the INFOSAN (International Food Safety Authorities Network) website to additional countries. Therefore, the GA-FDD will be working closely with the Environmental Health Departments in each region to ensure that the specific lot codes subject to the recall, if found, are removed from the local market.

Further information concerning this public advisory could be found on the website or call 222-8858/60 for further guidance.