Charity NDC answered calls to rectify garbage situation

A cleanup exercise was launched on Thursday by the Charity Neighborhood Democratic Council targeting areas where large piles of garbage have accumulated over the past month.

The overseer of the NDC Mr. Rameez Bask explained that the buildup resulted from a change in the dumping site. He noted that prior, the community garbage was being at an old site which is now closed to be transformed into a housing scheme. He further explained that the new dumping site is at Anna Regina which is a long way to be transported. The distance along with the unavailability of transportation led to the buildup.

Baksh when asked by this publication for the status of the ongoing exercise said it was being fruitful thus far. He also added that currently there are two tractors on the ground and an excavator. “We have 25 men working with us to have the situation rectified. We have also ordered more bins which are to be made available to the public and arrangements for weekly disposals,” he said.

The Big Smith News Watch also made contact with residents in the area for their point of view. The residents who choose to remain anonymous said “If there are bins provided for the public to throw garbage, there won’t be so much buildup of garbage.”

Another resident during a phone call said, “I believe that the mentality of the public needs to change. Imagine the garbage is sitting here and no one is doing anything. The town council and other committees cannot always come and clean when we have other local authorities right here and we are right here.”

The exercise comes just days after residents of the community started to complain about the buildup of garbage in public places and places that house public buildings.