Charandass Persaud back in the House

Former Member of Parliament Charandass Persaud is in the National Assembly once again. This time as a guest to observe the proceedings. Persaud’s whose last action as government member of parliament was to side with the then People’s Progressive Party Civic opposition’s motion of no confidence. That vote saw the motion being passed in the House against the then APNU/AFC government.

Persaud’s last sitting would have been in December 2018 at Public Buildings. He was whisked away following this vote and had been in Canada before his return to Guyana a few months ago when the PPPC was elected following the March General and Regional Elections.

Today’s sitting which is being held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre in keeping with the COVID-19 guidelines. Opposition MPs are currently out of the dome where the sitting is being held, instead they are joining the sitting virtually as they remain in several rooms in the Centre.