CANU Officer shot during multi-agency interception of boat with contraband

Law Enforcement Agents making their way back into their vehicles as the rains came this morning coupled with mosquitoes and Sam-fly bites which they endured throughout the night

An operation lead by the Enforcement Arm of the Guyana Revenue Authority with support from the Guyana Police Force and Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit on Monday night saw the interception of a boat in the Mahaica Creek laden with contraband and which resulting in an officer of CANU being shot during an exchange of gunfire between the two sides.

During the exchange of gunfire, the occupants of the boat abandoned same and retreated into the dark while the law enforcement took position of the vessel which was later discovered to be carrying a quantity of smuggled items. The CANU officer is said to be in a stable condition according to sources.

When the law enforcement agents made their way onto the vessel they discovered that it was loaded with a large quantity of suspected smuggled chicken, rum and beers.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was informed by persons familiar with the operation that the contents which were found in the boat, reportedly belongs to a resident of Mahaica who has had several encounters prior with law enforcement agents including Customs Anti-Narcotics for suspected smuggling of illicit substance.

The name which was only given as โ€˜Harryโ€™ is said to be the owner of several boats in the Mahaica area and might also been present himself during the exchange of gunfire last evening with enforcement officers.

Following the operation on Monday night, the police, law enforcement worked collectively to ensure the securing of the vessel which was grounded as at the Bee Hive Foreshore as they attempted to escort the to shore.

In mosquito and Sam-fly bites coupled with intermediate downpour, agents of the agencies involved maintained a presence at the Bee-Hive Foreshore as they sought to secure the boat with its cargo until first light.

Once the place became clear, the GRA restricted the entrance and disembarking of any vessel to and from the area as they awaited assistance to have the vessel removed from its distress position.

The red oval indicates the distance the boat of interest was grounded from the actual seawalls at Bee-Hive while other fishing vessels are in docks

Persons including fishermen who were attempting to make their way to their boats this morning when BIG Smith Crime Watch arrived at the scene were also not allowed access to the seawall (a public place) although the vessel which was being guarded was grounded several meters away from the docks.

The investigations into this matter are ongoing even as no one has been arrested just yet